We Welcome You

We want to welcome you to 'The Church.'

The Church is non-denominational and is dedicated to seeing lives changed by the power of God. We do not believe that we are the only Christians but we do strive to be "Christian only." Therefore, the Bible is our only rule of faith and practice.

Our Mission: To Be a Place to Believe...Belong...and Become!!!

A Place to Believe
(Evangelism) Helping people find a personal relationship with Christ
(Worship) Exalting God and expressing our love for Him through worship

A Place to Belong
(Fellowship) Allowing God to love and care for others through us
(Discipleship) Encouraging believers to pursue spiritual maturity

A Place to Become
(Ministry) Equipping Christians for ministry
(Missions) Reaching out around the world with the Good News of Christ

As a Christ-centered, Bible believing church, we take very seriously the mission God has given to us. We believe this mission to be biblically based so everything we do is to further this mission.